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I am regularly espousing the deep value of the Aspen, Snowmass, and the Roaring Fork Valley, and it is clear that I am not alone. 

It's time to dig out those skis and if you are ready to move closer to the lifts, give me a call. 

SVB and Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley

March 20, 2023
As an Aspen real estate agent with over 30 years of experience under my belt, I've seen the market go through many twists and turns. While recent financial events like the closure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) don't directly impact our local market, they do remind us of the need to stay flexible and adapt to changes. In this blog post, I'm excited to share some insights on the current state of Aspen's real estate market and offer tips for buyers and sellers on how to make the most of it.

What's Happening in the Market?

Buyers, Buyers Everywhere!
No matter what's happening in the financial world, Aspen continues to be a hot spot for people seeking luxury properties, investment opportunities, or just a beautiful mountain getaway. This steady demand helps keep our real estate market bustling with chances for buyers and sellers to make their dreams come true.

Home Loans: Variety is the Spice of Life
Although the SVB closure doesn't directly affect Aspen, it's a good reminder to explore various Quick read more or view full article mortgage financing options. Luckily, our local banks and credit unions have many loan products designed specifically for Aspen's unique market, so buyers have plenty of choices when it comes to financing their new homes.

Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Price it Right, Sellers!
In today's market, it's essential for sellers to get their pricing strategy just right to attract those eager buyers. By checking out similar properties and teaming up with a seasoned Aspen Realtor (like yours truly), sellers can be confident their homes are priced to sell.

Buyers, Do Your Homework!
For buyers, it's crucial to research the market, understand the available financing options, and work with a friendly and knowledgeable Realtor. This approach will help you spot great opportunities and negotiate the best deals on your dream properties.


Aspen's real estate market is always changing; staying on top of those changes is key. Buyers and sellers can successfully navigate the Aspen real estate scene and achieve their goals in our stunning mountain haven by keeping an eye on market trends and adjusting our game plan accordingly. 
Call me today, and let me put my "Mountains of Experience" to work for you. 

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It's time to take stock of your most valuable asset

March 3, 2023
It's tax season, and while it's easy to get caught up in the numbers game, it's important not to forget about protecting one of our most valuable assets: our homes. One of the best ways to do that is through homeowners insurance. But with rising building costs, inflation, and natural disasters becoming more frequent, it's important to ensure your insurance policy covers your home's true replacement cost.

Make sure you understand the difference between the cost to rebuild and market value. Review your policy regularly, and make sure to factor in any improvements or changes to your home. Also, pay attention to your dwelling limit, and don't be afraid to ask your insurance agent to raise it if necessary.

It's also important to consider the location of your home. Your coverage could be expensive if you live more than 10 miles from the nearest fire station. Insurance carriers will want to see a water source and preventative measures, such as an internal fire suppression system and fire mitigation efforts around your house.

Quick read more or view full article /> Don't wait until it's too late to find out if you have sufficient coverage for your home. Give your insurance agent a call and ask questions, ask for quotes, or even ask for better coverage. Protecting your home is protecting your investment.
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Aspen improves sustainability through building codes

February 13, 2023
It’s impossible to live in Aspen and not consider yourself an environmentalist. It is almost a cliche, with the natural beauty that surrounds us. But where philosophy meets implementation is often in government regulation. And government regulation usually means higher prices for our already high-priced real estate.

According to The Aspen Times, the city of Aspen has taken a significant step towards sustainability by updating its building code. The city updates building codes every six years, and the latest update focuses on environmental efforts, including energy conservation, wildfire resiliency, and lowering emissions. The building code update is a key component of Aspen's mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 63% by 2030.

Buildings are responsible for 58% of greenhouse gas emissions in Aspen, making it essential to take action to reduce their impact on the environment. The city's chief building official, Bonnie Muhigirwa, emphasized that reducing energy loads and emissions are essential first steps to make electrification more feasible moving forward.

The council unanimously supported the code updates, which faced a first Quick read more or view full article reading on January 10, and then took a moment to celebrate the years-long effort with staff. The Mayor of Aspen, Torre, highlighted the community's appetite for environmentally-friendly initiatives from the city and how it has changed over the years.

Dallas Blaney, the CEO of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, voiced his support during the public hearing but emphasized that there is still more work to be done. Blaney stated that there are six years and 341 days left to reach the climate-action goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 63%, and the building code update is just a key component of that effort.
In my opinion, Aspen's updated building code is a positive step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making the city more sustainable. The community's support for environmentally-friendly initiatives shows that sustainability is becoming a priority, and there is no time to lose. 
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Prices up, inventory up, sales down!

January 2, 2023
Pitkin County saw yet another year of record-high real estate prices and an extreme lack of inventory throughout the entire Roaring Fork Valley. The number of real-estate sales in Pitkin County in 2022, however, was down compared to 2021, with Aspen down 17% and Snowmass Village down 36%, according to Sally Shiekman, an Aspen Snowmass Sothebys International Realty broker. 

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Has Your Buying Power Just Increased?

December 8, 2022
For Buyers who need financing to purchase a property in Aspen or the Roaring Fork Valley, I have great news for you: Your buying power may have just increased!

The FHFA announced that it’s raising the Conforming Loan limits for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to $726,200. What does this mean for you? Higher loan limits give homebuyers purchasing within this price range the opportunity to qualify for a Conforming Loan instead of a Jumbo. A Conforming Loan typically comes with a lower rate and a smaller down payment, which increases your buying power.

If you are looking at homes in a higher price range, the new 2023 high balance conforming loan limits just came out. See below for the limits in the three counties of the Roaring Fork Valley:

Pitkin County: $948,750
Eagle County: $1,075,250
Garfield County: $948,750

Please let me know if you have questions or how I can help you with a real estate purchase or sale today! 970-948-7530,,

Snowmass once again honored a top ski area in North America

October 17, 2022
Snowmass has once again been honored as one of the top ski areas in North America by publications from Conde Naste Traveler to Ski Magazine. 
Snowmass is the most expansive of Aspen Snowman’s four mountains, with the most lift-served vertical feet of terrain in the United States" according to the article. 

Aspen Area Sales Numbers Are Out and it's a Mixed Bag

July 21, 2022
Aspen area sales numbers are out, and while most numbers are up, we are starting to see a little slowing in the retail and rental sectors. Real estate continues to grow nicely, but with continued increases in interest rates, it is possible this segment could show some signs of slowing down in the future. 

Call me today to see what your real estate is worth and what is available that might be perfect for you.

When it comes to zoning, what is in a name?

April 20, 2022
From Rural Residential to Residential Multi-Family; the zoning change necessary for a mid-valley housing development called, The Fields to become a reality. As with most growth in the region, it has garnered emotional opinions on both sides. If approved, it would allow for up to 135 new residences, with 27 being price capped. 

More information can be found here:


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We are incredibly grateful to Sally for helping us navigate the competitive Roaring Fork Valley market as first-time homebuyers. Her depth of experience, exceptional communication, and attention to what we were looking for in a house turned a complex process into a smooth one. We couldn't be happier with our new home!
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Sally always carefully explained each part of the selling/buying process, answered every question patiently, and was completely honest about the possible outcome(s) of the entire event. Buying/selling a home is an emotional and exciting time; Sally has the ability to keep things calm while retaining that important sense of excitement.
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Sally is a true professional. Her open manner, honesty and knowledge of the real estate market are outstanding. I would highly recommend her to any potential buyer or seller in the valley.
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We feel that Sally is always looking out for our best interests. She has a great knowledge of the market, is diligent, honest and has integrity. We would not consider making another move with out Sally’s help. She is the best!
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I received your gift card, and want to express my appreciation. Quite a nice surprise! Also to acknowledge all your help with our transactions and rentals over the past few years. It turns out that, directly and including the new Tahoe home, you were involved with five different properties we have had owned the years. (And you have seen Owl Meadows as well, making six.) Which is quite a few for small time investors. You got us out of the properties we needed to get out of, and into one that was just fine for as long as we needed it. Then out again, as we moved on. We hope to see you on our next Aspen visit. And we will toast you at Valenti’s!
Tom & Jan Restaino
I love our real estate agent. The first week we moved in she provided awesome dinners and moral support everyday. She only had our best interest in hand through the entire transaction. Now a month later she swept us off our feet for a phenomenal Saturday night dinner with all family members included. Thanks Sally Shiekman for going above and beyond as you always do. You are not just a great realtor but a caring, smart, and on the ball agent. By the way she was also just voted the best female real estate agent in the Aspen Valley area. Thanks Sally!
Whitson Alexander Smith
Sally was there with guidance throughout the process of purchasing our home in Snowmass Village. She is knowledgeable about the markets from Aspen to down-valley. We definitely recommend Sally for anyone who is looking for a real estate professional.
Dan & Judi Smith
Sally recently helped my wife and I to purchase a building site in the Missouri Heights area. Sally made the purchase a great experience; she showed us much of what the valley had to offer over a several days time frame. Sally presented us with information on what was currently on the market. We have since purchase a property and are already projecting an increase in value. Sally has kept in touch since the purchase providing valuable information.
Donald Russell
The most important thing that Sally did for us was to make us comfortable with the experience. She answered all of our novice questions and understood that we were truly starting from the beginning. She showed us a wide range of property so that we had a full view of the valley real estate market.
Jenny & Simon Elliot
Searching for real estate in the Roaring Fork Valley can be a daunting prospect for any buyer, but you and your associates made the process fun rather than overwhelming.
Cassia R. Furman
Sally worked with us to understand our needs, out architectural preferences, and our financial capabilities. She patiently showed us properties from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, and we fell in love with our house in Carbondale.
Randi Lowenthal
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the fantastic job you did in helping me find a home. I had been through the process several times before, and my experiences have been mixed. However, after working with Sally, I believe I have truly seen someone who wants to consistently provide the absolute best service for their client. Sally’s professionalism, concern for my specific needs, and consistency in following-up on every detail went beyond my expectations.
Scott Crawford
Through Sally’s efforts our transactions went through without any problems and we received the highest sales price for a unit of our size in the complex. Sally is a true professional in all respects and provided us with top quality service. She made the process easy and painless. Should we ever require a real estate broker in the future, you can be sure we will call Sally.
Kim Nuzzo and Eileen Kinkelaar
Your knowledge of the market and advice were very helpful as I came to a decision. I also appreciated your attention to detail and immediate response to each of my questions and needs.
Jenny S. Morton
Sally Shiekman has acted as my real estate broker in 4 different transactions. Her professional manner, close attention to the market and new additions to it, attention to detail, and willingness to do what it takes to find the perfect buyer and/or property make her an exceptional broker.
Margo Chisholm
I want to thank you for all the work you did to sell my Aspen condo. Now that I have worked with you as a buyer and a seller, I am definitely impressed with your professionalism. I know that you are busy, but you are very organized and thorough so that your clients get excellent service. I think the hardest part of any real estate deal is negotiating a contract and getting that contract to closing. I appreciate you helping me get a full price contract with only minor contingencies, and then following each deadline so that nothing fell through the cracks.
Betty Hoye
Sally was very professional, persistent without pressuring, and handled all details necessary to complete the sale. When it came time to sell that property and purchase another, although both my husband and I had become good friends with many other local realtors, we both felt strongly that Sally should be our listing and buying agent.
Anne & Mark Grice
I highly recommend Sally Shiekman as a realtor. She was always available to answer any questions I had and was on top of every deadline in the contract. I am a busy mortgage lender and so I appreciate Sally’s attention to detail, integrity and genuine concern.
Karen E. Crepps
Sally went above and beyond to at first find us a home to suit our needs and finally to sell our home in a timely manner… Sally guided us through all of the details of our sale and was a terrific advocate for us in the process. We wouldn’t consider using anyone else in the future.
Ericka & Joseph Meade
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